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I was mdinights

semi-hiatus bc my life sucks rn

wow sign my blog?


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Hiiiii :) so this is my first follow forever and I just want to say that I love you all loads and you’re amazing, okay? (If I forgot you, I’m sorry and I’m dumb.)
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i always wonder if someone/thing is looking back 


i always wonder if someone/thing is looking back 

Harry appears to be adding to his sports car collection as he is seen driving around (April 2, 2014)



H iii so ive lost the time to blog in the past few months (obviously) but I really dont want to just delete or let my blog die so I think I will give someone my blog. I dont know who yet but hopefully they will update 10x more than I do. uhhhhhm I guess ill update later on to tell you guys who my replacement is


the sky turned purple for a moment

Homework: A
Classwork: A
Project: A
Test: F
Final grade: F
So how'd the turtles work out?

WHAT TURTLES (Im sorry for shouting but I’m very suspicious rn idk y)


*laughs while actually getting feelings hurt*


I am so lucky to have got this on camera